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ADA Built-in Combination Locks

1636MKADA,1676MKADA & 1695MKADA Series

1636MKADA 1676MKADA 1695MKADA with key
Use 1636MKADA for lift handle lockers.
Works on any locker where 1630 Series locks could be used.
Use 1676MKADA for lift handle, turn handle and single point latch/box horizontal latch lockers
Works on any locker where 1670 Series locks could be used.
Use 1695MKADA for single point
Wrap Around Latch™ lockers.
Works on any locker where 1690 Series locks could be used.
Exclusive Features
3 Ways to Open Lock!

  • Student Key (for ADA student)
    – Two keys provided with ADA keyheads
    – Key only opens one lock
  • Master Key (for supervisors)
    – Each master key opens all ADA locks in your system
    – Each master key system has between 475-592 key changes
  • Combination (for use like other combo locks in your system)
    – 5 combinations built in for reuse year after year
    – Automatic combination reset once door is shut
  • Allows flexibility of using locker for standard use (combination) or ADA use (student key)
  • Same look helps mainstream ADA students
  • Key code is visible inside keyhead
  • Same concealed mounting and rugged metal case as the 1630 (see 1630 Series page), 1670 (see 1670 Series page) and 1690 (see 1690 Series page)
Product Options
  • Metal dial available to deter vandalism; order number 1636MKMDADA, 1676MKADA or 1695MKMDADA
  • Customize with a color – five colors to choose from






Required door thickness 0.03 – 0.125 in. (0.8 – 3.2 mm)
Dimensions 1636MKADA Dimensions 1676MKADA
See 1630 Series page
for dial dimensions
See 1670 Series page
for dial dimensions
Dimensions 1695MKADA
See 1690 Series page for dial dimensions



Architectural Specifications:

  • Locks shall be both key operated and combination operated.
  • Key operation shall use a 5 pin tumbler cylinder with individual and master keying capabilities.
  • Locks shall have five (5) preset combinations.
  • Locks shall have a random combination change pattern; no sequentially adjacent locks shall have the same combination change pattern.
  • Locks shall be supplied with a printed Control Chart, containing the serial numbers and combinations.
  • For optional one-piece metal dial specify Master Lock number 1636MKMDADA, 1676MKMDADA, or 1695MKMDADA.
  • Add to the front of specifications as follows; For 1636MKADA: Locks shall be built-in combination lock with vertically operating bolt. For 1676MKADA: Locks shall be built-in combination lock with horizontally operating deadbolt. For 1695MKADA: Locks shall be a built-in combination lock with a rotational operating deadbolt latch that locks by wrapping around a stationary latch plate or post.