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Built-in Combination Lock

for Lift Handle Lockers

1630 Series

1630 Series
Exclusive Features
  • Vertical travel locking bolt engages lift handle locker mechanism
  • Convenient, automatic locking
  • Fits all lift handle lockers
  • Concealed mounting and rugged steel case deter vandalism
  • Secure, three number combination is easy to dial
  • Longer useful life with five different combinations – easily changed with the touch of a button, which maintains security for new students or employees
  • Standard key control allows quick supervisory access
  • End user registration and control charts provided to secure and simplify administration
Product Options
  • Metal dial available to deter vandalism; order number 1630MD, 1631MD
  • Model 1631 is available for left-handed doors
  • Customize with a color – five colors to choose from

1630 colour

  • ADA Compliant Lock*
    Available as Model 1636MKADA (See ADA Built-In Combination Locks)


Side View of Locking Sequence

1630 real pic



1630 shown. Required door thickness 0.03 – 0.125 in. (0.8 – 3.2 mm)
Dimensions 1630 Series



Architectural Specifications:

  • Locks shall be built-in combination lock with vertically operating bolt. Locks shall automatically relock on door closure.
  • Locks shall have 5 pin tumbler cylinder for supervisory access. Locks shall have five (5) preset combinations.
  • Locks shall have random combination change pattern; no sequentially adjacent locks shall have the same combination change pattern.
  • Locks shall be supplied with printed Control Chart of serial numbers and combinations and text file on disc.
  • Master Lock #1630 for lockers hinged on right. Master Lock #1631 for lockers hinged on left. For optional one-piece metal dial with non-slip finish specify Master Lock #1630MD or #1631MD.