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Built-In Key Operated Locks

for Lift Handle, Single Point Horizontal Latch and Box Lockers

1710 & 1714 Series

1710 Series 1714 Series
1710 Series 1714 Series
Exclusive Features
  • Designed to tolerate locker misalignment making installation easier, and less likely to need adjustment over the life of the lock
  • New latch wraps around a latch plate offering the best and most secure single point latch engagement
  • Convenient, automatic slam-shut locking, combined with automatic and secure dead bolt locking
  • Appropriate for lockers with multiple users who are assigned access for short time periods; i.e. at health clubs, gyms, and pools
  • High security, 5-pin tumbler cylinder for superior pick resistance
  • Concealed mounting and rugged metal case deter vandalism
  • Two keys provided for each lock
Product Options
  • Keyed alike, master keyed and group keyed options available to provide complete flexibility to match a facility’s requirements
  • ADA Compliant Lock* Available as Model 1790ADA


Side View of Locking Sequence

1714 real pic



1710 and 1714 shown. Required door thickness 0.02 – 0.188 in. (0.5 – 4.7 mm)
Dimensions 1710 and 1714 Series



Architectural Specifications:

  • Locks shall be key-operated with 5 pin tumbler cylinder with individual, group, or master keying [specifier must choose keying option].
  • Two(2) keys per lock and mounting hardware shall be included with each lock. Specify Master Lock #1710 for deadbolt operation or Master Lock #1714 for spring bolt operation. For optional master keying, specify
    Master Lock # 1710MK or Master Lock # 1714MK. For optional group keying, specify Master Lock #1710GK or Master Lock #1714GK.