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Built-In Keyed Locks

for Single Point Wrap Around Latch™ Lockers

1790 Series

1790 Series
Exclusive Features
  • Designed to tolerate locker misalignment making installation easier, and less likely to need adjustment over the life of the lock
  • New latch wraps around a latch plate offering the best and most secure single point latch engagement
  • Convenient, automatic slam-shut locking, combined with automatic and secure dead bolt locking
  • Appropriate for lockers with multiple users who are assigned access for short time periods; i.e. at health clubs, gyms, and pools
  • High security, 5-pin tumbler cylinder for superior pick resistance
  • Concealed mounting and rugged metal case deter vandalism
  • Two keys provided for each lock
Product Options
  • Keyed alike, master keyed and group keyed options available to provide complete flexibility to match a facility’s requirements
  • ADA Compliant Lock* Available as Model 1790ADA


Side View of Locking Sequence

1790 Open 1790 Latch locking 1790 Securely Wrapped Around Latchplate
1. Open 2. Latch Locking 3. Securely Wrapped Around Latchplate



1790 shown. Required door thickness 0.02 – 0.188 in. (0.5 – 4.7 mm)
Dimensions 1790 Series



Architectural Specifications:

  • Locks shall be a built-in keyed lock with a rotational operating deadbolt latch that locks by wrapping around a stationary latch plate or post.
  • Once locked, the latch shall not be moveable until the lock is properly opened.
  • Locks shall be key-operated with 5 pin tumbler cylinder with individual, group, or master keying [specifier must choose keying option].
  • Two(2) keys per lock and mounting hardware shall be included with each lock. For optional master keying, specify Master Lock #1790MK.
  • For optional group keying, specify Master Lock #1790GK.