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Safety Box Combination

Master Lock® designed this round and coloured padlock specifically with the security and tastes of the younger generation in mind. Its smooth dial handle, simple and easy to use, is similar to those found on safes and is easy to set and reset. Its bright trendy colours come in blue, green, pink and black for customization and easy identification of its belongings.

Resettable Combination

1500iCOL pink 1500iCOL blue 1500iCOL white 1500iCOL black
1500iCOL real pic
1590COL pink 1590COL blue 1590COL green 1590COL black
1590COL real pic


Fixed Combination

1530 1530 colour 1503 1503 colour
1530 1503
 1533 1533 colour
1533 real pic
  • Couleurs assorties.
  • 1500 combinaisons possibles.
  • Assorted colours.
  • 1500 possible combinations.



Reference 4673EURT 603EURQ 1270CAR-BOWL 1270CAR-DIS
Body lenght 52 mm 76 mm 76 mm 76 mm
Zinc die-cast
Number of carabiners