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6835 – Aluminium Padlock

6835 BLU 6835LF GRN 6835LT YLW
6835BLU 6835GRN 6835LT-YLW
  • Durable baked-on powder coated finish
  • 6 mm dia. steel shackle with plated finish for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Key retaining option available. Includes two keys.
  • Body sides and face can be engraved for permanent identification.
  • Brass shackle option available for corrosion resistance.


Product number Description Vertical Shackle Clearance
6835 Keyed Different 25 mm
6835 Keyed Different – Long Shackle 38 mm
6835LT Keyed Different Extra long Shackle 72 mm
6835KA Keyed Alike 25 mm
6835KALF Keyed Different – Long Shackle 38 mm
6835KALT Keyed Alike Extra long Shackle 72 mm
6835MK Master Keyed 25 mm
6835KAMK Keyed Alike Master Keyed 25 mm
6835WO Lock Body & Shackle w/o Cylinder 25 mm
6835KZ Zero Bitted 25 mm


6 Colour Options: Add desired Colour Suffix
6 Colour Options - 6835



Dimensions 6835