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Grip Tight™ Circuit Breaker Lockout

Master Lock® offers innovative, devices for the effective lockout of electrical shut-off points, including circuit breakers, electrical plugs and wall switches.

Great Hold Strength Combined with Universal Fit

  • Secure and simple mounting for a solid lockout. Grips tight with simple thumb screw and clamping handle
  • Exclusive design accommodates virtually all styles of breaker toggles
  • Narrow profile permits side-by-side breaker lockout
  • Both devices accept all American Lock® and Master Lock® safety padlock shackle and lockout hasp diameters
  • Durable construction with powder coated steel and reinforced polymer allows operation in harsh environments
491B 493B
491B 493B
493B 491B real pic


Product number Description Size
491B Circuit Breaker lockout – tall and wide toggles 32 x 26 x 86 mm
493B Circuit Breaker lockout – std. single and double toggles 19 x 19 x 72 mm
506 Set of each device – one 491B and one 493B