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Group Lockout Procedure

  • Ideal to implement a Lockout/Tagout procedure.

Safety Padlock Caddy


Helps following the Lockout procedure step-by-step

  • Helps indicating the number of padlocks required to safely lock out an equipment
  • Ensures user has addressed all lockout points
  • Key holder integrated
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Slots allow for fit on worker’s belt
  • Tabs can be “popped” out to allow for up to 12 padlocks.


Latch Tight™ Group Lock Boxes

Storage Devices Capture keys for effective lockout of large equipment

  • Secure each lockout point on a piece of equipment with a single padlock. Place the keys in the group lock box and then each authorised employee places their personal padlock on the lock box to prevent access to keys inside
  • When work is complete, employees take their personal padlocks off the lock box, freeing the keys inside. Keys inside can not be accessed until the last employee removes their padlock
Benefits :

  • Exclusive Latch Tight™ locking mechanism that prevents keys from being accessed until the last padlock or lockout hasp is removed from the box. Provides the highest level of security available in a group lock box.
  • Durable powder coated finish with stainless steel handle.
  • 503RED and 503YLW can be mounted to wall or carried from job to job. Available in red or yellow.
  • 498A is a portable solution. Available in red.


Wall mounted or portable solution

503RED 503YLW 498A  503RED in
503RED 503YLW 498A


Product number Description Size
503RED Dual Application Group Lock Box – Red 324 x 89 x 162 mm
503RYLW Dual Application Group Lock Box – Yellow 324 x 89 x 162 mm
498A Portable Group Lock Box 152 x 235 x 95 mm


Series Compliance Centers

  • Use for MSDS, Lockout Procedures, Right-To-Know, ISO procedures and many others
  • Available with or without Wall Mounting Bracket
 S331  S317
S331 S317


Product number Description
S315 One 3,8 cm with wall bracket/sign
S317 Two 3,8 cm binders with one wall bracket/sig
S330 One 7,6 cm binder with wall bracket/sign