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Padlock Keying Security

Establishing a safe and convenient padlock security system

First, evaluate your present & future needs:

  • Do you want each padlock to have a different operating key?
  • Do you want groups of padlocks to be opened by a single key?
  • Do you want a supervisor to be able to open a range of keyed-different padlocks?
  • Do you require thousands of distinct operating keys, with no repeats?
  • Do you want your padlock to be opened by the same key that opens your door lock?
  • Do you want to restrict the availability of duplicate keys from retail locations?
KD-Keyed different KA-Keyed alike MK-Master key
KD-Keyed different KA-Keyed alike MK-Master key
Establishing a safe, secure and convenient locking system

Unauthorised key duplication is a significant threat to your facility’s security. It can happen if you have high employee turnover or simply if a current employee copies a key without permission. Eliminate this threat by using a key control system with patent protected keys. Keys that can be duplicated only with your consent. The Edge™ Key Control System ensures that keys can only be duplicated with proper authorisation by certified Master Lock® dealers.