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Safety Guardian ExtremeTags

Lasting performance in any conditions

Suitable for extreme environment

Made from rugged industrial-grade polypropylene
Long-lasting performance – indoors and out
Withstands dust and dirt, high humidity, UV radiation, harsh chemicals, frequent washdowns, extreme temperatures.

Proven to last

Guardian Extreme™ Tags perform in the toughest applications:

  • Weather testing (more than 4,000 hours of QUV accelerated)
  • Chemicals agents testing
  • Extreme temperatures testing ranging from -45°C to 104°C

Easy to read

Graphics fused into the tag:

  • Easy to read at a distance or in low light conditions
  • Tags resist to grease, oil, humidity
  • Tags can be written-on, then erased

The toughest environments call for the toughest products



  • Master Lock® goes further by offering the Guardian Extreme™ tags customization. Create your own design – from simple text to complex graphics in any languages. You can even enhance your lockout program with durable photo ID lockout tags for each employee.


Meet European regulations

Meet European regulations


Meet UK regulations

Meet UK regulations