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Custom Safety Signs

  • Guardian Extreme™ tags and signs can customised to enhance your safety message. You can add full colour graphics, photos, custom text, alternate languages, diagrams, maps, company logos, and more.
S10000 S25000 S20000
S10000 S25000 S20000
Company logos Custom text in any language Maps and diagrams
  • S10000 (254x177mm)
  • S10001 (254x355mm)
  • S10002 (355x508mm)
  • S25000 (177x254mm)
  • S25001 (254x355mm)
  • S25002 (355x508mm)
  • S20000 (254x177mm)
  • S20001 (355x254mm)
  • S20002 (508x355mm)
Full Colour photography
Procedure tag
Procedure tag
  • Procedure tag (203x305mm)