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American Lock® Padlocks

A790 A790 real pic
Maximum security padlock

Solid steel padlocks have the largest lock bodies and shackles to best withstand physical attack. Stainless steel cylinder pins provide increased drill resistance.


A50 real pic A5570 AH100PB
A50 A5570 AH100PB
  • Rekeyable, disc tumbler cylinders perform extremely well in external applications
  • Orange powder coated body and orange rubber bumper


  • Standard Chrome Plated, Hardened Boron Alloy Shackles. Corrosion resistant, Stainless Steel and Brass Shackle options available. Withstands Significant Temperature Extremes. Weatherbuilt™ padlocks. Construction sites, marine environments, truck fleets, remote installations, foundries, paint shops, anywhere a padlock will be tested by the environment…
A5200 real pic


  • Rekeyable, back hidden shackle padlock Hardened steel body with a convenient front access keyway, anti-drill cylinder cover plate.
A2500 real pic



  A B C
Product number Body width Shackle diameter Shackle length Shackle clearance Keyed Alike Master Keyed
A5200 44mm 8mm 28mm 19mm
A50 50mm 10mm 28mm 19mm KA
AH10OPB 50mm 11mm 27mm 19mm
AH11OPB 50mm 11mm 50mm 19mm
A5570 50mm 10mm 28mm 19mm KA MK
A5572 50mm 10mm 75mm 19mm KA MK
A2500 72mm 10mm KA MK
A790 72mm 13mm 38mm 33mm KA MK