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Brass ProSeries™ Padlocks

The ProSeries™ brass padlocks are designed to provide extra protection against corrosion, abuse and any type of attacks:

  • The hardened steel and boron alloy shackles give superior protection against cutting and sawing.
  • The dead-locking stainless steel ball bearings resist prying and the brass spool pin tumblers are nearly pick-proof.
  • The heavy duty solid brass lock bodies provide tough security with superior corrosion resistance.
  • Brass shackles are available on special order.
  • 6 pin removable cylinder.
6850 real pic



    A B C
Product number Body width Body width Shackle length Shackle clearance Keyed alike Master key
6830 40mm 6mm 27mm 20mm KA MK
6840 44mm 8mm 30mm 23mm KA MK
6850 50mm 9mm 38mm 23mm KA MK
6850LJ 50mm 9mm 64mm 23mm KA MK



Dimensions 6850