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Laminated Steel Shrouded Shackle

ProSeries™ High Security Padlocks

  • Highest physical security available:
    – Heavy steel bodies
    – Hardened steel and boron alloy shackles for superior cut resistance
    – Dual deadbolt locking for extreme resistance to prying
  • High key security:
    – 5 or 6-pin tumbler ProSeries™ cylinders provide tens of thousands of key changes
6321 6327
6321 6327
  • Shrouded shackle.
  • Xenoy® thermoplastic cover.
  • Boron alloy shackle.
  • Dual ball bearing locking.
6321 real pic
6327 real pic



Dimensions 6121


Hardened steel body and shackle

  • Shrouded and hidden shackle model defies bolt cutters and prying.
  • 5 pin tumbler cylinder.
6270 736 real pic
6270 736*
*Pack with 6270 padlock and 770 hasp


    A B C
Product number Body width Body width Shackle length Shackle clearance Keyed alike Master key
6321 54mm 8mm 20mm 23mm KA MK
6325 61mm 9mm 20mm 23mm KA MK
6327 67mm 11mm 20mm 23mm KA MK
6270  73mm 10mm KA