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Select Access®

Select Access® secures and allows you to share keys with the select authorised person

  • Ideal for selected access to building sites, tool shop, warehouse…
  • Select Access® prevents multiplication of spare set of keys.

Safe model

  • Hardened steel body
  • Electronic combination system (9V battery included)
  • Resettable combination (between 3 and 16 figures)
  • Can set 12 different combination & 8 codes for one-time entry
  • Thermoplastic cover Automatic locking once closed
  • High resistance to hammering and sawing
5460 real pic


Fixed model

  • Select Access® can be wall-mounted.
5401 5412
  • Improved security for a better resistance to leverage.
  • Push button model 12 push button combination system.


Shackle model

  • Can be hung up on a hook.
  • Improved security for a better resistance to leverage.
  • Vinyl protected shackle.
  • Ideal for temporary uses.


Compact model

  • Zinc alloy body, Better security against hammering and sawing.
  • Integrated LED illuminates dials.
  • 4-digit resettable combination.
  • Suitable for outside use.



   Outside body  Outside body  Outside body Inside body Inside body  Inside body
Product number Length Width Depth Length Width Depth
5460EURD 300mm 111mm 75mm 100m 130mm 30mm
5412EURD 131mm 95mm 60mm 98mm 68mm 53mm
5414EURD 135mm 105mm 46mm 65mm 97mm 32mm
5415EURD 192mm 105mm 46mm 65mm 112mm 31mm
5400BULK 101mm 90mm 40mm 78mm 168mm 34mm
5401BULK 118mm 83mm 34mm 91mm 164mm 28mm
5403BULK 146mm 105mm 51mm 100mm 70mm 42mm
5404BULK 140mm 52mm 44mm 102mm 45mm 8mm