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High Security Select Access® key safe

5460 real pic
  • Large Key Storage compartment holds multiple house or car keys
  • 4-digit Resettable Combination
  • Dials mounted on angle for easier use and better visibility
  • Solid zinc body to whistands hammering and sawing
  • Dual locking levers for better resistance
  • Protective plastic door gives better weather resistance and offers greater discretion
  • Vinyl coated hardened steel shackle
  • For added security, consider installing Select Access in a discrete location
5460 button removable storage in case
  • Electronic combination system (9V battery included) with low battery indicator
  • Removable storage compartment
  • In case a battery dies whilst still within the key safe, a 9V battery can be inserted into a dedicated external port enabling the device to be opened quickly, securely and easily.


Product number 5460EURD
Outside body
Length 299mm
Width 112mm
Depth 74mm
Inside body
Length 165mm
Width 99mm
Depth 59mm
Zinc alloy
Door protection
Hardened Steel
Thermoplastic cover
Hardened Steel Shackle
Shackle diameter
Std shackle length
Horiz. shackle clearance
4 digit programable
Resettable electronic combination