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Safe Space™ Storage Security

5900WHT 5900
  • Easy to use in travel, gym, office, home, school, dorms…
  • Portable security solution to lockdown up personal items (money, Passport, phone, MP3 player, jewellery…)
  • 4-digit Resettable Combination
  • Durable high impact ABS construction to keep valuables safe from theft and damage
  • Its integrated cable means it can be attached to a fixed object for additional security
  • Headphone / charging cable slot allows to listen music or charge electric devices while they are secured or being transported
5900 WHT real pic



Product number 5900EURD 5900WHT
Outside body
Length 60mm 60mm
Width 240mm 240mm
Depth 129mm 129mm
Inside body
Length 35mm 35mm
Width 215mm 215mm
Depth 89mm 89mm
Solid ABS construction
Diameter 5mm 5mm
Braided Steel
Vinyl covered
4 digit programable